Saturday, 22 November 2014

Isn't it time you got over it? Adults like flavours. End of.

Its often claimed in the media by "certain" Public Health professionals who really should know better that the fact that e-cigs are available in a range of flavours that include candy, fruit and even bubblegum proves beyond shadow of a doubt that they are being deliberately targeted at children.

The underlying assumption here is that no adults like these flavours, which is obviously false. Adults like all sorts of different flavours, and yes, this does include candy, fruit and bubblegum. Yep, even popcorn, Professor Ashton. The fact that these flavours are amongst the top selling flavours of e-liquid to adult consumers shows this conclusively.

And yet its still repeated loudly, publicly and often, and the media for some reason still invites these stuffed shirts to speak, and uncritically publishes ever word that dribbles out of their demented mouths.

So lets settle this once and for all. If all "child friendly" flavours are intended to induce youth to purchase products, what exactly is the intention behind these??

Okay? Point made? Do I need to say anything else? 


I have one final product to show you, if you still haven't accepted the fact and wish to continue using this in interviews:


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